Derek B’s Recommendation

“I have been on a large number of trips with Cindy. We have traveled to cities all over the world: Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, and many others. She did an amazing job with each trip, and took the time to customize our plans based off of my interests and what I wanted to see while there. These personalized trips made for an even better overall traveling experience. If I could not think of anything that I wanted to go see or experience, Cindy had a list of attractions, and her suggestions never disappointed. We got to visit and see places where many guided tours would not have gone. She was always one step ahead of the game. If one plan fell through due to weather or closure, she had a back-up plan ready to go. Lots of research and planning was done to ensure that each day was better than the last. Cindy had recommendations for hotels and restaurants for each location we traveled to. Many days I was left with options of what I wanted to see. This flexibility allowed us to take our time and make sure we experienced everything we wanted to, and that nothing was left off my bucket list. Cindy went out of her way to make sure that I was seeing and experiencing everything that I wanted to, and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done for me. I look forward to the many more trips we take together.” Derek B.

Madeleine’s Recommendation

“Going anywhere with Cindy is always an adventure, no matter where it is we’re going. Having her lead me around Washington D.C. was exciting and fun, and we were able to see many landmarks consecutively while not feeling rushed or overwhelmed in the slightest. She’s incredibly organized, precise, and listens to what it is you want to do and where you want to go and makes sure to get you there and have fun on the way- not just at the destination.” Madeleine M.

B Myer’s Recommendation

“Cindy was very organized and receptive to our needs. She found the optimal route for everything we wanted to see and built in natural rhythms of the trip. For example, in our recent trip to Scotland she had more activities at the beginning of the trip when we would have more energy while scheduling less busy days at the end of the trip when we would be more tired. Cindy is enthusiastic and always positive even during challenging times like being stuck in an airport overnight or finding a desired attraction unaccountably closed. She carefully studies the locations to be visited so she can be prepared to answer our questions and smooth the experience.

Cindy draws on decades of travel experience to craft tours that cater to her customers’ desires while remaining enthusiastic, professional, and detail-oriented. Her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to travel with and her planning skills ensure that things will run smoothly.” B. Myers

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